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Apple’s first-time self-driving car wreck reason for the human driver

Last week, Apple goes to experiment on a self-driving car and it was probably caused by the human driver, not like the Apple’s own technology.

One of the Apple’s self-driving car Lexus SUVs was operated by a human-like Nissan Leaf on Aug, according to the report from DMV of California acquire The Verge.

Form the report there’s no injured but hopelessly both of the vehicles were damaged.

According to the report Apple’s vehicle was blending onto the Lawrence Expressway and it was moving at least 1 mph. The other side when it hit to the self-driving car Nissan was moving at 15 mph.

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The self-driving car’s speed pretty slow combination onto a high-speed expressway, but the report of the information we don’t know for sure though its speed was sensible.

In this scenario, we discover one thing the vehicle was waiting for the safe gap to complete the joint when it was affected.

Apple accounted first began working on its very first car program in 2014, but late 2017 currently repetition only first putting rubber to the sidewalk.

Now the company has dozens of self-driving cars on the road, it was only unavoidable that one of them would be involved to the some of the clashes.

There is some of the data that shows for better self-driving of the passengers than the human-operated cars, but it not like that all of the car companies like Uber, Apple and Tesla are ready to put their automatic cars into full-scale creation. Apple’s own car project isn’t expected to launch publicly until 2023.

So at this time, keep the focus of your eyes on the road.

Video Courtesy: Mashable

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