Apple’s first 5G iPhone still waiting for the next two years. According to the new report, the company won’t be ready 5G until 2020.

Some of Android phones release behind Apple decided to launch 5G phones in 2019. But the news that comes from Fast Company, they just explain about the “Knowledge of Apple plans.”

According to the Fast Company report that the company confirms to their product and it will supply as a 5G modems for the iPhone. Actually, the company will be using Intel only Intel.

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This is outstanding that because past source of the Apple modems has two different companies like Intel and Qualcomm. But earlier this year Apple discourteously dumped to Qualcomm and also the legal fight between two companies.

According to this report, Intel just as the sole supplier, previously Apple was dealing with another company called MediaTek.

The Chinese company MediaTek recently innovated its own 5G chip. But MediaTek is only ‘plan B’ option for Apple, according to the Fast Company report.

A report in July recommended that the 2020 iPhone won’t use any kind of wireless chips from Intel. At this moment Intel said its 5G chip hadn’t changed.

However, we only just finished the release cycle of the 2018 iPhones, it’s definitely more than information included upcoming 2020 iPhones models.

Actually, there’re a lot of changes this far out, we’re also possibly to hear a lot of more rumors about Apple’s supply chain and probably it means the next iPhones over the next two years.

From the report, there’s some of the evidence to back up the 2020 timing for the first upcoming 5G iPhone- primarily that it fits of the timeline of what already know about the 5G technology.

Although we’re just beginning on the 5G networks, we also know it will take some time to enhance the 5G technology widely.  And after the 5G technology properly ready for the universe the phone manufacturer will need to acquire the modems that necessary to make their handsets suitable for using them.

Although, some companies have promised to do 5G technology by 2019, the other hand Apple isn’t planning to one step into the new technologies for now.

Beside of that Fast Company’s reports, Intel having some issue with its modems that could negatively affect to battery life- this issue Apple probably want to avoid.

So, giving the news we know what Apple and its preparedness for 5G, 2020 we expect upcoming iPhone must suitably for 5G.


Video Courtesy: The Verge


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