Apple’s planned to release the three-smartphone that wasn’t exactly awarded in the companies December 2018 announced but the tech giant bounces back with new models.

Wherever previously Apple also announced iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR but we’re sure the three models will launch in 2019 announcement, as well as we have got another leak news of the new iPhones, so here is the first look of the of flagship iPhone will have three cameras on the back.

The coming iPhone three camera aligned non-linearly. Actually, there are two cameras arranged vertically. Similar to the iPhone XS, apart from that the third camera will be placed between the two. Another side the LED flash and a microphone on the bottom.

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On the leaks claims that the 2019 iPhones are peaceful in Engineering Validation Test (EVT) stage, probably there could be some of the changes of the coming 2019 iPhones that will release in September 2019.

As well as we also recognize that Apple will launch three variant iPhones in September 2019 with a low-end variant, surely the iPhone XR model is the successor two-end variants and also following the same way iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max.

Apple's coming 2019 three camera iphone XI first look
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It’s really difficult to say which variant iPhone comes with three cameras. Moreover, giving the extreme camera setup, surely we’re looking at this 2019 iPhone.

According to the Bloomberg, the 2019 iPhones may have three cameras variant models and Apple will adopt a long distance of 3D technology on 2019 iPhones with non-partisan cameras on the back. As well as Apple adopt this technology to rear camera same as Oppo R17 Pro.

Besides that Sony is currently manufacture 3D sensors for the technology and Sony confirm about its product that comes with 3D technology.

Bloomberg told that Sony’s Head of sensor division Satoshi Yoshihara explain “in the camera revolution industry, the phone is more powerful to capture 3D technology as well.”

Sony now plans to produce rear and front-facing 3D ToF sensors to satisfy the iPhone demand. Also, the production will be starting late summer.

The iPhone third camera can focus faster on the object and it just creates 3D models. It can track any dark moment throwing the laser plus and observe the object with the laser bounce back sensor. Surely the sensor can have a bigger impact on AR and VR.

Sony declares that the ToF sensor can feel your room in a real-time situation. Besides that, in a presentation, Sony showed the camera can be used to track a user’s hand in a game.

The new 2019 iPhone is still waiting for nine months from becoming available. Wherever we confirm the flagship smartphones that will use to the technology to improve photography.

Moreover, the black color design of the iPhone’s rear panel it will make of glass. The Apple logo will more attraction top of the center.

Previously Apple also claimed that will not have a major design. From the Tipster Ice Universe Tweet that Apple will use to stick notch in 2019 to 2020, and the company is presumed to release iPhones with punch-hole displays.

Apple's coming 2019 three camera iphone XI first lookWhile the three varients camera models pretty sound impressive and it cost around something like iPhone XS Max and the iPhone was 256GB 2018 flagship model $443 as compared to the price in the US $1243.

Apple is used high-quality components to its devices and the price likely increase. Not sure whether that will affect to 2019 iPhones.

Apple reduced to its iPhone sales forecast for upcoming sales after lower-than-expected sales in 2018. That’s why the company is introduced the price cut of the incentive and boost the sales level of 2018 iPhones.

Analysts of Apple believe that ongoing war between US and China, reduce the iPhone sales in China. Wherever the high expensive iPhones sales in India and probably it’s the second largest smartphone markets.

In the end, adding the three camera setup on the iPhone making something ugly, Apple can bounce back from the disappointing 2018 situations.

The other hand the company has done it multiple time to recover the past and the leaks indicate the three camera iPhone will be the key of coming back to the plan.


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