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Apple Watches and AirPods aren’t affected by Trump’s trade war

Well well well, Tim Cook’s glad-handing has self-sustaining.

The president of America Donald Trump has now compulsory a 10 percent import tariff overall more than $500 billion of goods made in China, it’s set to increase 25 percent in 2019. Probably the traffic will go into accomplishing on September 24.

Also, the traffic will affect gathering industries, the Apple consumers have been concerned with Trump’s trading war that decided the price of the Apple products.

Apple assembles its devices in China, which would have made them the number of traffic, that the making of Apple products around expensive than another company’s products.

Today, the CEO of Apple Tim Cook can breathe of the part of relief. Apple Watches and AirPods with 300 lists of products are included in The Trade Department for release traffics, according to the new post from the Wall Street Journal, now the Apple Watch Series 4 it’s hot product of Apple.

But in the case of Apple out of its track.

At every step of growth in the trade war, China has sworn to respond in kind. And that’s the bad news for iPhone.

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According to the Journal reports that Beijing is thinking retaliatory protection on the sale of gear and objects that Apple needs to generate iPhones.

So the Trump might not especially tax iPhones to imports in the future, besides of that Apple still pay the price for Trump’s trade war throughout its dealings with China.

Apple and Tim Cook have been approaching to convince Trumps for months that the traffic was harmful to the company and also American business.

Last week, Apple presented a letter to the U.S. Trade delegated objection to the traffic. Cook has also multiple assemblies with Trump, and even Trump at the point pledged that Apple products wouldn’t be ostentatious.

But the president’s trade war would really mean for Apple with Apple consumers. The latest news is stimulating for the Apple fans although the Trump administrations apparently capricious trade strategy than its perfect.

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