Apple Watch Series 4 ECG feature is now live |

Apple Watch Series 4 ECG feature is now live

Successfully, Apple already announced three new iPhones with new MacBook Air and new incredible iPad Pro in this year. But the most fabulous product in the company’s Apple Watch Series 4. Last night Apple just activated this feature but fortunately, the Watch’s electrocardiogram (ECG) feature is live now. SEE ALSO: Apple Watches and AirPods aren’t affected by Trump’s trade war Apple posted on Reddit that Apple watch is indicating atrial fibrillation, in short afib and notify you if you need a doctor or not, but the Watch Doctor confirmed about its test and probably saved you. Also, the Apple Watch is the first device detect to ECG with FDA allowance for consumers, though which is not the same starts with FDA approved. It gives people to access an important heart health checkup without needed any doctor. It does not detect the same report which can provide a doctor, it just like basic ECG report of your all condition of your physic, but it’s still an outstanding feature and I hope other smartwatches comes with same ECG feature. This kind amazing feature reminds me where is the technologies future. It’s guessed Afib affects to 2 to 3 percent of North Americans and Europeans. So now it’s the time for recognizing how many American going to doctor for health checkup. I expected that in this recent weeks and months we just release a new report. So, now if you have any Apple Watch Series 4 in your hand and you don’t know how to use ECG feature so check the post here.   Video Courtesy: AppleInsider

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