Apple users spent $1.2 billion on App Store in New year week |

Apple users spent $1.2 billion on App Store in New year week

The big tech giant Apple today announced that App Store customer universally spent $1.22 billion in the 2018 holiday season to make a single day record $322 million of this new year.

During the holiday periods, Apple’s gaming and self-care apps were the most popular categories In the list.

On the holiday season, PUBG and Fortnite are the top downloaded games globally, besides Asphalt, Brawl Stars and Monster Strike. The first few days of the new year, Apple consumers already acquire Health, Fitness and Education app with the priority of their respective categories.

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Apple’s senior vice president Phil Schiller said that the Apple App Store had to break the record of the week of New Year’s Day.

The holiday week was our biggest week out of the last earlier years and it spent $1.22 billion on apps and games, but New Year’s Day acquires a single day record at more than $322 million.

Schiller also said, “Thanks to all of Apple consumer to inspire our talented developer and support of our incredible customers around the world.”

Apple said the App Store helped to service of revenue all-time record in a holiday quarter. As well as Apple services set a goal to an all-time record in the multiple categories, with Apple Music, App Store, Cloud Service, and Apple Pay.

For those kinds of people who aren’t aware, the Apple’s four platforms like- iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS consistently provide experience across all Apple devices including App Store, Apple Music, iCloud and Apple Pay.

The other hand Apple’s more than 100,000 respected employees are faithful to making the best products in the world for the people and make the world better.


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