Apple start a replacement program for defected iPhone 8 devices |

Apple start a replacement program for defected iPhone 8 devices

Have you ever face fault in iPhone 8? It might have been deficient.

Aug 32, 2018, of an Apple Support post the company detected a manufacturing defect in a small percentage of iPhone 8 smartphones.

Now, this issue is totally unknown, so this time Apple is offering to fix anyone affected phone with free of cost.

The post read the affected devices symbol of sudden restarts, a frigid screen or won’t turn on. So if anyone experiences those kinds of issue with your iPhone 8, it’s probably time to set up a genius appointment.

The Apple notes defected question were sold between the time of Sept. 2017 and March 2018, in this time range the first six months of the model’s life.

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Particularly, it sold in Australia, China, India, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Macau and of course the U.S.

The issue discover to only for iPhone 8 model, so if you have an 8 plus and better like an X or any kind of iPhone so don’t be confuse you’re all safer.

If you think you have an iPhone and that’s one lot of defects on logic board, so don’t worry you can check on your devices on the head of support page.

You can manually enter your serial number and check your phone details on that page.

Also, you’ll able to find a guideline on the same page setting up a repair, either it’s in store, by through mail, or the authorized Apple service provider.

Video Courtesy: Mashable

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