Apple provides free coding session at December |

Apple provides free coding session at December 1st to 14th around the world

Surprisingly, Today Apple opened thousands of free registration session to learn code at the place of Apple Store around the world start from December 1st to 14th.

Actually, the session is individual programs of the company that underway focused on helping more people to learn code both of the side of the classroom inside and outside.

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Last sixth year, Apple says it will also host daily Hour of Code sessions as long as named “Today at Apple.” This first two weeks of December focused on teaching coders core concepts, the age between 6 to 12 students are involved in session and the robots also part of the session.

Whether participants of 12 and upper section will use another side educational app called Swift Playgrounds to learn basis code.

Last two years ago, the Swift Playgrounds educational app launched and now it also available 15 languages like English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese.

Apple said Swift Playgrounds has been enlarged including many more courses, like building apps that use for AR or programming toy robots.

Now this moment, Apple is moving mastery of the app into an AP (Advance Placement) like as a high school course.

According to the Apple, it will release for free AP Computer Science Principles course syllabus and subjects bases for next school year, which will give the students earn AP credit for learning Swift Playgrounds code.

Beside of that, the students will take a certification exam complete the App Development Level 1 Swift exam with following the class. Also, these will held by the Certiport Authorized Testing Centers that inbuild in worldwide and test the student’s knowledge of Swift.

Apple says the Swift Playgrounds app has been a substantial part of Apple’s educational efforts over the past years. The company released Everyone Can Code in 2016 and its teaches to students who kindergarten to college and beyond level.

Successfully, the Swift Playgrounds programs is now running more than 5,000 schools and college around the world.


Video Courtesy: The Verge

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