Apple competes to Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos across the video streaming industry.

According to the recent report from The Information, Apple is starting TV series in the U.S. with a subscription plan of the first of half next year.

Surprisingly, the service will available 100 countries around the world following the U.S. and ability as a streaming giant in the future.

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The TV series will available with Apple original feature, probably the tech giant slowly building their streaming industry. The users can subscribe to the TV network as a subscriptions plan like Amazon Channels or Roku.

The original services will be available free for Apple owners and it’s possible to stream services only available on Apple devices.

Besides of that the company continuously spend billions of dollar, Apple CEO Tim Cook vision these services will be a family-friendly show and probably it looks like Friday Night Light shows.

The company most likely discuss with the media companies and what the packages about the services.

In the recent year, Apple besides of iPhone sales moves to stream services.

Video Courtesy: The Verge


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