Apple News wants to fight Facebook information |

Apple News wants to fight Facebook information

The Facebook continues to grapple with its role as a news distributor. Apple learns something new into own news effort.

Nowadays, Apple announced Apple News apps that will show upcoming U.S. midterm elections highlight stories.

Also, this app provides well sources fact-based stories for reader relevant and reliable news, and the information base wide range publishers by the human editors.

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Although the company doesn’t refer to Facebook in an announcement, Apple clear position to News App post the kinds of news on the social network’s News Feed.

According to Lauren Kern chief of Apple, the company’s news and its editors will take some time to approach.

“When the louder, most of the extreme voices we can’t hear anything. We want to fix that in an Apple news.”

The Kern said “we won’t say to the controversial topic, but our goal enlightens, not to engage. And also we’ll always still clear of bruit and publicity.

Haughtily, entirely Apple isn’t avoiding obtrusive content, but similarly is taking an approach that tires of all side an issue.

The feature of conversation section about the hot-button issues offers for the readers a full range of ideas debate about the important subjects.

The Google News app’s full coverage with the feature, which also tires to the people beyond with their content form a range of sources.

Excessively, Apple news is great, it also highlights the local elections information, via “On the Ground” section. The company has tapped many more thing Politico, Axios, and create a content for the Washington Post.

When the companies are increasingly growing their role as social media platforms in that time new section comes out for makers of tech products.

Especially, when the news has been enhanced on Facebook, which has to be faced with continuous criticism for the role of publicity, fake news, and misinformation.

Facebook, in its news feed, has to step away to make editorial decisions for the job onto third-party fact checkers amount of news share on the social network company.

Twitter has learned more and created its role as a news source and Google re-launched its news app earlier this year as well. But the both of companies based on their algorithms (Twitter use human curators.) in an Apple news human editors play the central role.

Whether or not that will be enough to get users to look for this companies, but the ability to push news instantly millions of iOS users profile it’s just incredible, the Apple news might just do anything.

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