On Friday, Apple announced new iPhones models for pre-order, Apple has opened pre-orders for the iPhone models like XS, XS Max and also famous Apple Watch series 4 on its website.

If you’re following Wednesday’s publications, there’s nothing new things, the price of iPhone XS stars at $999, and also the iPhone XS Max starts at #1,0999. The company’s various price range of the various kind iPhones.

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Besides of that, the Apple Series $ cost #399 san LTE and another $499 with LTE. Surprisingly all the three devices will start shipping Sept 21.

Apple new iPhones are now available for pre-order | roboticplanet.co
Image Courtesy: Apple

Remember last year the new colors went out of stock faster than other products, we expect the two model like gold iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max to vanish quickly in this sell.

Also, the third iPhone declared on Wednesday, the new “reasonable” iPhone XR is coming bit later, and the pre-order stats on Oct. 19, and other side shipping will commence on Oct. 26.

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