Music is the way to feel the world emotionally and peacefully.

The online music streaming enhances the world with its various type of artists music, podcast, streaming radio and more.

It’s really complicated to decide which is the best online music streaming platform Apple Music or Spotify Music.

Because of both online music streaming platforms are widely famous for its quality of music and services.

But don’t worry I will help you to decide which is the best online music streaming platform for your requirement.

A bunch of online music platform available on the web, such as Apple Music, Spotify, JioSaavan, Gaana, SoundCloud and more.

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Last month YouTube also release online music platform called YouTube Music, which is also much popular now.

So, basically now online music streaming is a competitive industry and every company tries to provide the best to its customers.

Besides that, music will fulfill our mind with some creative tune and sweet sound, and the implement of the internet, online system in our hand, so you can easily manage your requirement via the internet.

Online music is all time trending on the web, so a lot of online music streaming platforms already satisfied million or billion of audience.

Today I just share my knowledge about Apple Music and Spotify Music, which is best for you after my experience.

Famous Apple Music:

Apple Music is a music and video streaming service that is developed by Apple.

As we know that Apple is the most expensive and more quality customer satisfied company around the world.

Apple Music vs Spotify

The company’s consumer almost enhanced throughout the world with its privacy, design, performance and its ecosystem.

If you’re Apple users then you continuously feel the Apple ecosystem to every device, such as Mac, Apple Watch, iPod, and iPhone.

The online Apple Music streaming platform’s users select over 50 million music with users demand. The Apple Music services offer to selected music by expert recommendations.

The Apple Music service 24-hours radio station that led by DJ Zane Lowe with a broadcast over 100 countries.

The music services allow you to create a subscriber profile to share users music with friends and follow another users profile.

The other hand, Apple Music is based on iCloud, which is equals a user’s songs to those found on the service.

And allows users to merge their iTunes music library with Apple Music library and listen to their iTune at one place.

Moreover, the Apple Music service is integrated into Apple’s ecosystem with digital assistant Siri as well as Apple audio and video streaming protocol AirPlay.

Apple Music also offers to new subscribers a three-month free trial period before the service requires a monthly subscription.

Apple Music vs Spotify

The subscriptions plan separate into three categories:

  • Student (Rs. 49/month)
  • Individual (Rs. 99/month)
  • Family (Rs. 149/month)

I just clearly explain which plan is best for you:

  1. Student Subscription Plan:

The Apple Music student plan is generally for the student who can afford similar money from their pocket.

This plan offers 50 million songs with users iTunes library and allows to listen to online or offline music.

Also, it can provide free trial with no commitment to ad-free music and music video which is most of the music lover prefer.

The Apple Music also allows you to download 100,000 songs to your library and access across your all Apple devices.

The company allows you to create your own Apple Music profile and access to your friend music profile and see what your friends are listening.

On the web, online original shows are more requirable and Apple Music service also provides original shows with concerts and Beta 1 radio shows which is broadcast over 100 countries 24-hours a day.

2. Individual Subscription plan:

The Apple Music individual subscription plan is like the same as a student subscription plan.

  1. Family Subscription Plan:

The Family subscription plan of Apple Music service is expensive to plan and probably it can provide various features.

But honestly, this plan users get some similar feature like access up to six people in one Apple Music profile and a personal account for each family member with some sharing option that user share.

And at least sharing of iTunes purchases, I thought that not be a perfect family plan of Apple Music.

So, this Apple Music plan is much distance between each plan, But surely Apple maintains their privacy, so that’s why the company is planning to each plan separately.

Instated of Apple Music plan the company provides much quality of music experience to users that also much popular with its Apple AirPods.

In January 2017, The Wall Street Journal also reported Apple was exploring the genuine quality of audio and video content with its television series and movies.

Last month Apple also release a bunch of Apple services such as Apple Card, Apple News+, Apple Arcade, and Apple TV. It’s really exciting news for Apple consumers.

According to the Financial Times reports, The Apple Music is currently 56 million daily active users globally in front of a competitor of Spotify.

Which has also 87 million paying users and 109 million d-supported monthly active users?

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However, Apple Music is popular to its AirPods that supported fast-charging which provides up to 5 hours of listing time on one charge and 15 min of charging provides up to 3 hours of listening time.

Be honest, the product of Apple is no doubt, it’s just extremely powerful with its design and performance.

Now, this is time for talking about Spotify Music, which is globally popular with its attractive look and great functionality.

Widely popular Spotify Music:

When I thought about online music streaming, one name appear in my mind that is Spotify.

Honestly, on the internet various online music streaming companies available, but Spotify music is something different.

Apple Music vs Spotify

The Swedish audio streaming platform Spotify provides by DRM with quality of music and recorded labels of media company.

The company founded on 23 April 2006, as a headquarters of Luxembourg City.

The whole world knows about Spotify Music and it successfully provides high-quality audio to its respected customers.

Spotify Music has now successfully 200 million monthly active users on the web and it continuously growing its free or premium members.

Instead of Spotify sound quality, it can provide a various feature to its free and premium subscription plans.

The music company allows to create a profile and manage your whole wireless sound system at one place in your home.

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Besides that, once you create a Spotify profile as a free or premium membership you can easily manage your other sound system just easily.

At first, you can install Spotify on your system (Smart TV, Desktop, Laptop or Mobile) and log in with same Spotify account to every device, then change to your music environment.

When you’re open Spotify into your handset and search for your favorite song and play the music.

Apple Music vs Spotify

Instantly the music appears on your screen and under down left you can see multiple options to play the same music on other devices.

Just simply tap the option and one page appears and you can see the multiple devices to play the same music.

On the top, you can see your music is playing current device, and under it, you can see other devices option, make sure your alternative devices Spotify app turned on.

Apple Music vs Spotify

If you open Spotify on your PC, you can see under the right-side multiple options to play other devices.

Surely note: If your sound system’s Spotify profile isn’t turned on with the same account, you can’t control a piece of music to other devices remotely.

I think this amazing feature every Spotify lover wants to play their home sound system and feel their home with musical environment.

Spotify provides three different subscription plans:

Apple Music vs Spotify Music

  • Spotify Premium (Get 30 days free)
  • Spotify Premium
  • Spotify Premium for Student

I just fully explain all of the subscription plans

  1. Spotify Premium (Get 30 days free):

On the Spotify free subscription plan, you can only get limited (shuffle mode) which is just normal to every music lover.

Also, you can get limited Spotify to connect speaker option with the one-month free trial, I think this is enough for the free subscription plan user.

  1. Spotify Premium:

In this plan, you can get a various plan that you can feel you’re just monster music listener.

Firstly, you can get ads free music, actually, all music listener wants this feature without premium, but this is the online music streaming platforms policy.

Besides that, you can get high-quality (320kbit/s) music with offline listening mode with unlimited Spotify connect devices.

3. Spotify Premium for Student

The online music streaming giant Spotify and also for the student if you’re a student, so this lucky subscription plan for you.

In this subscription plan, you (student) can get some extra feature that probably as same as high paid premium plan on Spotify.

Though some different between Spotify premium vs Spotify premium for the student plan, but everything is fine of its quality of sound and performance.

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Both Plans are good you can choose to depend upon you, but I simply recommended to you at first go for a trial a month.

If it’s perfect for you then use it for the whole time, otherwise, jump to Spotify Premium subscription plan.

However, both online music streaming platforms are really affordable and comfortable with every music lover, so you can easily decide what you want.

At least, which is the best online music platform Apple or Spotify on your eyes tell me in the comment section below.

So, have you any question regarding online music streaming platform feel free to comment. I’ll happily answer every query.

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