Apple has now cut off its Apple Music price in India to compete with the local online streaming service Gaana and JioSaavn. Apple Music is now offered to the users for 99 rupees ($1.43) a month down from 120 rupees ($1/73) a month.

Wherever the price cut decision is in direct to focus on the Spotify and YouTube Music’s companies that also recently launch in India, besides that there are various India-specific streaming services are amazingly popular in the country, like Gaana and JioSaavn.

These are the companies already successfully have ten millions of users, particularly Gaana has 80 million active users, which is about half of India’s people using Gaana on their favorite music streaming app.

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Last two weeks ago JioSaavn released pretty offer as a promotion, the offer is the annual fee starting 299 rupees ($4.32) from 999 rupees ($14.44). But many of the users missed it because of the piece of advertising discount of its user base.

In case of Gaana ran its own promotion as the match to JioSaavn, cutting down its annual fees from 1,098 rupees ($15.87) to 299 rupees ($4.32). but both of the music streaming companies monthly subscriptions plans 99 rupees ($1.43).

The widely famous online music streaming company Spotify already launch in India and a couple of weeks ago YouTube music also revealed through YouTube video sharing platform. And now Apple Music on the way to release in India. The monthly fee of YouTube Music affordable, but the Spotify also makes a cheaper music streaming plan in India, which cost 119 ($1.72).

According to Forbes, India’s global music industry called Sleeping Giant, this is the world’s second-largest smartphone market and millions of users sign up for the online service every month.

In India who does pay for music streaming don’t pay as much as compared to other countries, as the second smartphone market now India become much popular for various online music streaming facility.


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