The Mac Mini is back.

The desktop computer lover just had some life on to the Oct 30 Apple special event in Brooklyn. As far back as Apple released an update and it was starting with an energetic feeling.

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Tim Cook CEO of Apple presented the new update of a small computer, but the other hand Tom Boger senior director of Mac hardware product marketing gave us some highlights.

Especially, all of new generation flash storage that up to 64 GB memory, it’s 5 times faster compare to any other device like an earlier mini, it also 4 or 6 cores with a host Ethernet port and gorgeous Space Gray color model.

The Apple Mac Mini is back with some essential update |

But, in the case of Boger, it wasn’t done. He just called it the “biggest update out of there.”

The Apple Mac Mini is back with some essential update |
Image Courtesy: AppleInsider

The MacMini is 100 percent utilized aluminum and that is the entry-level model with 8 GB memory, quad-core i3 processor, clock speed 3.6 GHz and 128 GB of SSD.

Also, the Boger said the computers will be available next but you can order as of today just $799 of the price.



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