Apple is accountable doing free headphones jack dongles |

Apple is accountable doing free headphones jack dongles

The great news for iPhone users can use in the future dongle-less adapter, or relatively in future in which audio jacks dongles are no longer free every time.

According to the Barclays researchers noted by MacRumors says that the new generation of iPhone 2018 will no longer headphone jack to lighting port adapter. Also the dongle maker Cirrus Logic evidently established the change to Barclays.

Form the Barclays note “ FY19 guide didn’t update by Cirrus but they did confirm about the dongle-less adapter, in a next update definitely adding more support into down below estimates.”

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Beside dongle, Apple presented the iPhone 7 and 7 plus in 2016. That was the year it confidential doing with an audio jack an act of “courage,” in this modern generation move toward a wireless corporate future (and sell more valuable Bluetooth headphones).

But the benefit of dongle has been a much-mourned source of rage and irritation for users. If its use to specifically like one port for charge the phone, another listen to music or at least connect to everywhere (like a car sound system), the dongle dependent on the equipment of size for use on smooth hands.

The wireless generation is coming in future, but it’s not here yet. That means probably the people will now casually expend the $9 essential to continue living in the dongle planet, either they really want or not.


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