Apple forcefully canceled iPhone XR production |
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Apple forcefully canceled iPhone XR production for now 

On Monday, According to the Nikkei report, Apple just told recently its smartphone assemblers Pegatron and Foxconn aren’t complete their additional production for the iPhone XR deadline, which is cheating in October.

Beside of that the report said, Apple had asked some of similar iPhone that assembler on Wishtron by the rush orders, but hopefully the company will not receive any orders of iPhone XR for this reason.

The Nikkei quoted says, “the Foxconn first prepared closely 60 assembly lines for Apple’s XR model, but unluckily only across 45 production line as well as its top of the customer said it doesn’t need to manufacture that many buy now.”

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The iPhone launch September event and Apple introduced the lower-cost iPhone XR that made with aluminum, together with two other models like XS and XS Max.

The company five years ago cut of production orders for its plastic-backed on iPhone 5C, primarily this model weak demand for now.

Last week sale for the crucial holiday quarter of The Cupertino that California-based company, likely we miss Wall Street ambitions.

Request for comment Apple did not instantly respond to the Reuters.

But Pegatron and Foxconn said the company would not any comment on specific customers or products.


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