Apple employee arrested for stealing self-driving secret |

Apple employee arrested for stealing self-driving secret 

Whereas Apple hasn’t officially announced its secret self-driving card project, you can recently think about this matter.

A sensitive Apple employee was arrested on Mineta San Jose International Airport by federal authorities on July 7 while attempting to board last minute China flight.

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Federal performers have charged to Xiaolang Zhang, who had worked on Apple as a hardware engineer’s self-driving car project before leaving the company, it just treading secrets.

May 2015, Zhang had started working at Apple for software and hardware designing supported car project.

Also, Zhang’s “designed and tested circuit boards analyze the sensor data” investigation to the investigation team.

April 1 the former Apple employee went to leave and when he returned to work on April 30 he informed his supervisor leave this company and back to China. Zhang discovered autotomous car from China electric called “Xiaoping” also as known XMotors after leaving Apple.


The company looking Zhang’s abrupt also the Apple’s security team revelated that he had transferred numerous and sensitive internal documents related to the self-driving project to his wife’s computer.

The security footage also caught all of the information about Zhang’s autonomous project’s lab, In this lab taking with him a lot of things like a box full of hardware including circuit boards and Linux server.

According to the FBI complaint, “similarly 5,000 of Apple’s over full time 135,000 employees” have to access the information appertaining to Apple’s autonomous vehicle project. Of those people, 2,700 have discharge to one or more projects classified database.

If found Zhang guilty of the secret theft case then 10 years in prison and $250,000 fine.


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