If you’ve been waiting for the next generation Apple AirPods then we have some of the good and bad news for you.

The Apple AirPods 2 released on stage on Apple iPhone event on September that’s the good news and another side you probably won’t be able to home sometime next year and that’s the bad news.

The information comes from Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis who also reports that whereas the new version of AirPods won’t be able on market until 2019, a version of the AirPod carrying case supports wireless charging we’ve heard early as late September.

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That means we’ll possibly see the AirPad-ready AirPods case during the Apple’s September event with the release date following shortly.

Even Apple add ‘Hey Siri’ support feature to the original AirPods by the end of the year and make a massive of the true wireless earbuds.

All about the info

Curtis got information during the journey of Apple’s Asian hardware suppliers and complete with the report of the vision and forecasts that were put out to the investors. The report was consequently obtained by MacRumors.

Unfortunately, MacRumors didn’t post the full report, it just posts only for product highlights many more the focusing feature like AirPods and the next generation iPhones.

Also, MacRumors mention that cheaper HomePod that could launch in 2019, which could help the Apple for competing with another Digital Assistant like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Whereas the small Apple HomePod would make sense to us, besides of other suggest that it very well may take the form of a Siri-enabled beat of the speaker.

There are no big announcing how many of these products will make on their stage during the Apple keynote on September, but according to the Barclays report, Apple’s next generation AirPods could probably make and aspect.

Video Courtesy: Mashable

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