Android Q may finally get a system-wide dark mode |

Android Q may finally get a system-wide dark mode

Before the Android 5.0 Lollipop release with its Material UI Design of the SystemUI, Framework and most of other apps that runs on first-party and third-party builder that also use darker color with Holo.

The Material Design is the attractive color of Android apps and most of the time apps used their UI colors white.

While Google offers to the dark theme in some of their apps and then realizing darker colors can improve the battery life on devices with OLED panels. Now Google is finally using the darker theme on their latest version of Android Q.

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According to the Android Police, Google has just created a tracker with the Modify Core UI elements and as well as setting to the Dark Mode for the new Google Chrome feature. On that feature description, Google also added Android Q feature supported dark mode.

Beside that Android, Q team allow to all preloaded apps that genuinely support dark mode. We’re pretty sure all of Google apps like Google Phone app, Messages, Google Contact, Google News, Google Play Games and also YouTube get native dark themes. So basically Google good indicate to add a dark theme to all their apps.

Though Google Chrome doesn’t have a dark theme and the Chrome team needs to develop dark theme elements to the Chrome Browser. Also, the team explains that Chrome needs to all elements as a dark theme pack by May 2019, which will announce Google I/O 2019.

Particularly only core UI elements like toolbar, Omnibox, settings/downloads/history pages, etc will be dark themed, so that means Chrome web pages won’t be modified to dark mode.

Android Q may finally get a system-wide dark mode
Image Courtesy: xda developers

Although the feature description shares some hint that Android Q framework team’s plans to release system-wide dark mode next Android update. As well as Google provides too strong evidence system wide-dark theme to the user-facing setting.

In Android Pie tester needs to enable Night Mode in the Developers Options and another side Android Q tester it has enabled similar system-wide night mode feature to the display setting. Which will easily enable night mode for system UI and Apps.

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