Don’t throw your Android phone around the room in fear.

According to the report from Kryptwire firm via Wired that shows many Android phones surprisingly vulnerable thanks to Android’s open operating system. But whereas this report is concerning, the real-world capture threat it poses to actual Android phone users might not be a big deal to crack.

Analyzed by the Kryptowire 10 Android devices approved by the U.S. carriers, and found that bugs in the firmware- the persistent pre-loaded software responsible for the phones- finish them open to the attack by the malicious app.

Also, the overview report “on a device the pre-installed apps and firmware position to risk due to the vulnerability that can be pre-positioned.”

The study grant from the Homeland Security Department managed by Kryptowire. It’s necessary to identify because some of the phones it analyzed come from the Chinese firm ZTE.

The federal government has respected military employees from using ZTE and Huawei phones, and the intelligence report it could national security risk, while used by China to spy on the U.S. public.

According to Kryptowire, if a ZTE ZMax users always download a malicious app that harmful their device, but the users can’t control devices infrastructure other side apps can control everything that it wants on your phone like sending the text message or clear your data. The other affected phones came like Sony, Vivo, and Sky, amongst other.

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The Wired explains as a “byproduct” of the Android business strategy, it like the third party company like ZTE modify the code.

That can able to identify which is what makes creative Android and attractive OS for the phone makers, that is also responsible for crack the malicious app.

Whereas all the alarming system can necessary to remember the bad actors don’t have to capabilities to utilize these vulnerabilities unless a phone user downloads an app.

This kind of app goes through the Google Play Store with the good quality rating and review that should obstruct a malicious app even seeing in a light of day.

So you’re already downloading apps directly from their creators or using a non-Google verified app service, so in that time your Android phone “should” be secure all time.

The new popular game Fortnite has been a news for game users, its totally safe game because it will be from Epic Games official website.

Lots of questions raised about the deserves of an app developer stepping away from the Google Play. Allow the developers skirt around Google’s 30 percent cut, but this reports of Kryptowire security we are really thinking about this matter.

So downloading the street of apps already a makes you unprotected, we know that Kryptowire ’s disclosures just make that possibility a little worse.

The phone manufacturer needs to address the issue but Kryptowire brought to light. But not to fear, the Android users: Chinese hackers likely won’t be taking over your phone any time.

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