The American E-Commerce company Amazon is ready to challenge Apple, by providing Alexa-powered wireless earbuds. If it’s successful then it would most popular digital assistant out of the space and its deep connections to the rest of Amazon’s ecosystem. In the mobile world, Amazon has failed but it’s the big improvement of the company.

According to the report from Bloomberg, the upcoming product of Amazon as same as AirPods, but people also working on the product for better quality of the audio system, the people said that Amazon earbuds are designed for the fit of users ears without clips around the ear like AirPods.

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The Amazon wireless earbuds can provide a double charger with built-in-control in mic, so you can control your mic easily and access Alexa device.

So, the question is how exactly this will work, the Apple AirPods have a special freedoms as party of Apple hardware functionality, but the no-AirPods headphones can’t connect to their associated app or digital assistant such as a set up of Apple says “Hey Siri”, and “OK Google” from Google, it just pretty sad.

But the Bloomberg also reports that the Alexa headphone has done much more as user demand like it can access music, recognize the weather and other information, though it can access anything but it isn’t clear Amazon earbuds can connect to mobile devices as like digital assistant.

This is just complex to associated with simply making such kind of sophisticated piece of hardware for a relatively cheap product, but as a cheaper price tag Amazon possibly offer better audio quality to win earbuds making the competition.

However, the wireless earbuds of Amazon probably decrease all market of most expensive earbuds making companies, so we’re just waiting for its release date of the cheapest price tag most powerful hardware compatibility better audio performing with as digital assistant build earbuds.


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