Amazon investigates suspicious data leaks by corrupted employees |

Amazon investigates suspicious data leaks by corrupted employees

According to the report from the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is inquiring to the employees are leaking the company’s data to sellers.

Also the report the employees have been seemingly handing over confidential information like search optimization data to separate sellers, mostly as a middleman, to give them a data up to $1 trillion dollar company’s marketplace.

They’re ostensibly offering sellers a way to delete as negative product reviews.

That’s great.

This comes from the two merchants who likely bought said information, and another side dealers who sold it, both of person talked to the publisher, besides of those people usually with internal investigations.

Amazon continuously launched an investigation into the term and condition, which is evidently common in China, the middleman person said to use the messaging via WeChat in China to make a contact with Amazon employees.

The Amazon spokesperson confirmed the investigation of its statement.

According to the statement, “we also hold our employees to a high decent standard and anyone infringement of our code faces regulation, including termination and capability legal and criminal penalties.

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We have zero patience for harm of our systems and if we find the bad person who has engaged in this manner, we also take swift action against them, including terminating their marketing accounts, deleting reviews, withholding funds that are taking legal action.

Though manipulate search results in wildly problematic, that also able to delete negative reviews on your products is especially unknown for Amazon.

Past few years the company has been break down on fake reviews, the podcast from the Gimlet Media’s that reply to all unpacked in July episode in The Magic Store.

Besides of that competitive like Alibaba, also Amazon authorized a host of strange third-party sellers to list directly on its site. This saw a deluge of the retailer with mediocre products, with some of these sellers paying for the genuine positive reviews.

Although Amazon has continuously amplified its system to recognize the customer’s reviews who genuinely bought the product, along with sellers using paid reviewers have found the way around like this.

Also the podcast talks to reviewers at the company using the strategy that trying to use fake accounts at random addresses across the U.S. and shipping the genuine products to them.

So there is an escape for paid reviews. If exercising a few tips and tricks straightforward from Amazon employees, also you can delete the negative reviews of your products, this means a sincerely twisted marketplace for consumers.

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