Amazon coming in the hotel room with Marriott |

Amazon coming in the hotel room with Marriott

As we know Alexa is the most popular digital assistance of Amazon. It’s response like a partner of the users when the light ring on the white Echo Plus setting on the end of the table light up.

Its bring when the second question will appear. Simply, If you have any query on your Echo system in your home, instantly Alexa respond the question that you adding in past on your shopping list.

But sometimes I’m not in my room, in that cases, it’s not your ordinary Alexa, like that I’m setting on the 18th floor with another person and the person needs dental-hygiene.

In that time the vice president of your home responds to like this way.

Alexa responds, “Ok how many toothbrushes do you need”?

The person says, “12” you opening your drugstore buddy?

Alexa responds “Sorry I can fetch only five times of any time. So tell me how many toothbrushes would you like?”


“Ok, done. Would you like to one toothbrush sent to your room?


Just 20 minutes later, boom Knock-knock, a hotel housekeeping arrives in the room with the toothbrush in a colorful plastic box.

The Privacy question

This is Alexa for Hospitality in an active mode, the new digital assistant can change the environment of the hospital room, its really work besides your home.

You can slowly move to your business and attach into a car dashboard. Officially Alexa voice assistant put into hospitality room. The chain of offer and services is the first motto of the hospital.

Amazon coming in the hotel room with Marriott |

There has two motivation idea can run the environment system. The first one the Echo system give customer Amazon says, Alexa has to put more of contexts and the convenience of voice control places didn’t previously exist.

Marriott says that synced of the last traveler experience to bring in a new place that the real goal.

Jenifer Hsieh says that “we saw the opportunity of our experienced customer of the hotel rooms in today’s can you use it simply get the information from the home assistant and make sure request take notes, and justify the hotel environment.”

Marriott International share the innovation customer experience.

There isn’ the third goal, another opening avenue for the technologies companies to harvest your data? But at least the Amazon concern about the thought of privacy.

As an example of toothbrush just like a demo but for starters the hotels don’t have to access voice recognizing feature or isn’t involve hotel itself. The hotel back end with an Alexa assistance by the request.

Amazon says that there is no “god mode” for hotel environment to see what you’re doing with Alexa, it just simply dashboard to show activities or no specific devices are offline to anonymized, aggregated date from Amazon.

Unfortunately, the voice recoding deletes daily.

At a lunchtime, Alexa provides to the hospitality as a generic customize experience of the hotel.

Another side Amazon has a plan to offer to the customer connecting to their own personal Amazon account with a room experience, so guest will be able to fulfill access their own playlist, contacts, audio books and more.

Perhaps Amazon says the hotels get to access zero of your personal data.

According to Rausch “You can feel like to your home if you connect to your personal account.” “ all your data processing way you can feel like your working data point.

You just see them on you Alexa app or online, if you decided to delete your personal data, you can easily delete your data at one time or all at once in a glance using your voice command.”

What Alexa perform for Hospitality

Ok, Amazon did its privacy homework. What can it do for the traveler-oriented version of Alexa?

Amazon coming in the hotel room with Marriott |

As a starter, you don’t need for Amazon Prime memberships to use your account and the hotels guest room vouchers.

Alexa performs for Hospitality every day require like that (Who is president? What’s the weather?) but the special activities their main areas.

  1. Hotel Stuff: Ordering the toothbrush like your own assistant on your room services, now you can do all of the things via voice and also depending also room setup. you can also set up all of home gear utilities like lights and other things (Access to everything that you want in your daily needs like quick call and another system).
  2. Recommendations: Alexa provides tips to the customer that can help to easily know restaurants and activities in the area. However, if you interested in something then it’ll connect to the voice speaker. Alexa for Hospitality can’t make a reservation.
  3. Play Media: Tuneln and IHeartRadio is the default audio player for Alexa. It can play a decent amount of music and also hotels can create their own custom audio playlist system to reconcile hotel environment.

In fact, there are nothing special about the hardware configuration.

The Hotel system limited of the model like Echo Plus, Echo 2 and Echo Dot, nothing different from the consumer versions, it can’t be factory reset, they’ll connect to hotel wifi (so don’t worry to trying to stuff on your bag on the way out).

Marriott with Amazon partnership to extends to the serval of the hotel chains system brands like St Regis, Westin, Aloft and Autograph.

The company says 90 percent of customer satifty to offer and services, customer ranked to the room experience as “good to excellent”.

It’s not like that surprise, Amazon continuously highly ranked customers satisfied company and the users already arrange the room with the most famous voice assistant Alexa.

In the future, in the room control depend on voice controller and make sure as in room Wifi.

Using Alexa make a hotel chain system in the world and in this time biggest performing lifestyle. The company also ongoing the runway to making best voice assistant like Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant.

Alexa speaks too softly, but she takes care of expensive work. As an early performing well Alexa in Hospitality room services, but many of people and servicer avoid in the hotel room.

The digital assistant enhances space look like Amazon’s world.

Video: Mashable

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