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Alibaba set up AI chips for a cloud-based system and internet of things business

Alibaba Group will set up a  steadfast chip secondary and aims to launch it’s first self-developed AI in dedication chips in mid time of 2019 that could be used for autonomous driving with smart cities and logistics.

On Wednesday the Chinese firm said at an event in Hangzhou, the new subordinate would make customized AI chips and embedded processors to support the firm’s push in the fast-growing cloud and internet of things business all over.

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Alibaba’s offensive drive to develop its own semiconductors that comes to China and the government looks to increase the quality of home-made chips that can help to high-tech domestic industries from groundbreaking transport to the AI healthcare systems.

On April, Alibaba bought a Chinese microchip market Hangzhou C-SKY Microsystem that can help to a cloud-based system and internet based business.

Alibaba’s Co-founder and chairman Jack Ma said that the China brand needs to control its “core technology” like chips (utilities) that avoid over-reliance on US imports, something like which has been put in the highlight by whipsaw bargaining trade tensions.

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