Alexa is the new friends of the St. Louis University’s students |

Alexa is the new friends of the St. Louis University’s students

Alexa, Can you wake up me before my 8 a.m. class?

The St. Louis University in Missouri is outfitting all its dorm rooms- more than 2,300 of them with Amazon Echo Dots that are customized to the SLU-individual questions like speakers, sports, concerts on campus and other academic activities.

This is the first time of the university campus execute personal smart speakers (the other higher education institutions like Arizona State University have to input the devices in shared student ranges), but this is a really outstanding trend of smart speaker taking over community areas.

Earlier this month David Hakanson the university’s vice president and chief information officer said that “every minute we can save to our student to search any need information on online and another minute they can spend to focused on what’s most important for their education.”

Last semester the university managed to test a pilot technology in select residence halls, and surprisingly the result came out positive.

SLU now committed to an entire website called Amazon and Saint Louis University to introduce the program, equipped with frequently asked questions, and a brunch of SLU individual question students can ask about the device.

While the privacy statement of akin and lined to the Amazon’s Alexa for Business repeatedly asked question page says that the question will not track by anyone and the audio will not get recorded, and also no personal information isn’t included on the devices, this will appear like a privacy scandal waiting to happen.

Although Amazon and SLU promise that not to track ascribable or particular student information, even there is any information regarding student are tracking or leaked in that time possible to the data will recover.

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As a simple search of “how to hack Alexa Dot” surrenders thousands of results, with the alarming links to the stories of any student “A Hack system can Turn an Amazon Echo system into a ‘Wiretap’.”

Cyber threats already posture a massive threat to universities. The New York University’s cybersecurity program is one of the famous and popular in this country, for example, a Russian hacker was targeted of March 2017 hundreds of open IT risks, as well as many of them classified as a “high risk.”

Now this time Alexa just another target.

So whereas this may benefit and quality of the life in immediateness to the long-term effect natural things like identify theft, privacy breaches, etc. it might need a deeper valuation.

It’s important to note, moreover, In these concerns are not to new or individual to the new SLU partnerships with the Amazon and alternative a privacy concern for device users to the worldwide.

The Kent Porterfield SLU’s vice president of student development said, “what is the most exciting feature for me that enhanced network to the campus community these devices will prove,” in the declaration, “The more connected to the engaged student are get more benefit from their SLU experience.”

According to the Aws business habitually asked the question about the university that the ability to collect information from the SLU-individual questions, which will be interesting to see either that changes how the university engages with its student circle.

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