If your Mac user installed Adware Doctor app then instantly uninstall the app.

The top paid utility app in the Mac App Store, Adware Doctor is actually a spyware that works like collects data and send to the China server, recently the security researcher Patrick Wardle discovered.

In the post of his site Objective-see, he just explains in detail how this type of app collect a user’s browsing history from internet browser like Chrome, Safari or Firefox, the app stores data as an encrypted file and sends to the China server.

A weeks ago the Twitter user 1st privacy detected the app working details and also reported it to Apple on Aug 14, but the company, unfortunately, didn’t take any action until Sept 7.

The Adware Doctor app price $5 and it probably clean your Mac by removing your extensions, cookies caches that store your browser, but it doesn’t do anything.

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After finding information online, Apple removes Adware Doctor from the Mac App Store. Also, the company said to Mac users uninstall it immediately if you care about your data.

In this case, making confusing to the Mac App Store, it might be misleading users, pretense to be one thing even though they’re actually spyware or not.

Apple boasts the Mac App Store as the fastest place to download the app on your Mac, and also says before accepted to the App Store each app’s reviews, if there’s any kind of problem with an app. Apple can quickly delete it from the app store.

So, Apple clearly didn’t review Adware Doctor. We’ve reached to the Apple comment on the situation if anything will update this story we update our story.

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