About Us

Hello Friends, welcome to Robotic Planet Blog. This website is about the Future of Technology, Smartphone, Computer & Technology News.

About Robotic Planet:

Robotic Planet is my dream blog, I share articles related to Technology, smartphone, gadgets and more.

I love to share technical knowledge throughout the world, every moment I investigate technological products and sharing my experience from my heart.

I started my blog in 2018 and widely share my experience of Technolgy.

About Me:

I’m Saikat Das a Blogger of Robotic Planet.

It’s my dream to enhance my website throughout the world by sharing my technical knowledge.

After completing my degree from Burdwan University, I started my first job in IT Companies (B.P.O) in my nearest location as a Data Entry Operator.

Then, I just spend 6 months then resign from that company.

I’ve started my website Robotic Planet with YouTube channel in 2018.

I always learn about the new things in Technology and confidently share my experience with my audience.

If you’re interested to talk with me then you can easily connect with me.