The WhatsApp Gold feature actually a malware

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app and it unprotected to many scams. An old hoax called “WhatsApp Gold” has made for a comeback to the instant messaging platform.

Actually on WhatsApp Gold user get a warning message about the virus. Probably it will arrive in the video claiming and get new WhatsApp update.

As well as a WhatsApp Gold users share scam information on Twitter.

According to the Anns Moore, “FYI: WhatsApp Gold A video will launch tomorrow in WhatsApp called Martinelli. DO NOT OPEN it. It’s a virus which goes into your phone and nothing will fix it. Do not update to WhatsApp Gold the virus is serious.

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Also said video, Martinelli, will continuously install malware in the user’s phone and hack it once a user downloads it.

So, the WhatsApp update really fake and make sure users should still care about the fake messages. If any update will arrive on your device, surely WhatsApp update through Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Besides that, any other source harms your device with malware.

Last couple of years WhatsApp news sharing functionality level high at a moment but now Facebook-owned company also set a limit to forwarding messages to only five people.

Source: livemint