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Tesla’s super wireless smartphone charger is coming back

Now still waiting for your Tesla model, well now you can calm your desire for Tesla gadgets with some much more reasonable a wireless branded Tesla smartphone charger.

Last month the gadgets were presented and instantly went out of the stock, but according to The Verge noticed that the company is gaining consumer information that the charger will become available again.

In case of the charger will now available of lowered price range like $49 down from $65 and also those consumers paid the higher price will get a #16 refund with a local sale tax.

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Tesla says that the price is the difference is due to the company making higher quantities of the gadgets, which is lower production costs.

Tesla's super wireless smartphone charger | roboticplanet.co

Surprisingly, the charger is available in black or white and it comes with a USB-C cable and extra USB-A port. It has 6,000mAH battery and a 5W wireless output. For this kind of price range, you can get a charger with a lot more charging capability, but that won’t have that’s “Tesla” logo, would you buy it?

Unfortunately, the Tesla wireless charger isn’t available in the company’s online store, at this time there’s no word when it will arrive there. So keep checking it.

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