Google remove 22 malicious apps from google play store last November |

Google removed 22 malicious apps from Google Play Store which downloaded 2 million times

The search engine giant Google has continuously removed 22 apps from the Google Play Store because of that those kinds of apps suspect as a device-drainer in a backdoor and which allowed them to download file secretly from another dedicated server probably which was attacker-controller.

According to the report from ArsTechnica, already the apps have downloaded over 2 million times.

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Beside of that, the apps were used click on fraudulent ads and it also continues with heavy battery drain and a large amount of data exhaustion. Last week November, Google had removed these apps without any hesitation.

So, here is the names of the 22 apps that were removed from Google Play Store: Sparkle Flash Light, Snack Attack, shape sorter, Math Slover, Magnifeye, Tak A Trip, Join Up, Zoombi Killer, Neon Pong, Space Rocket, Table Soccer, Just Flashlight, Cliff Driver, Box Stack, AK Blackjack, Jelly Slice, Color Tiles, Roulette Mania, Animal Match, Hextall, HexaBlocks and PairZap.

This is really the first time that Google remove a large number of apps from Google Play Store, also, last month Google continuously remove 13 apps from the Google Play Store because Google was found malware on the people’s devices.

As well as 5,600,000 Android users download these apps which include truck impersonator, luxury car driving simulator, fire truck simulator and more.
Also, last year Google was held dependable for the spread of auto- clicking adware as long as 36 million mobile devices.

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